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Adress: Kasseler Landstrasse 25c | 37081 Göttingen | Telephone: +49 551 270707-0 | goettingen@proventhotels.com

For all bookings made through https://www.parkinn-hotel-goettingen.de/en/ you can be sure that it guarantees the best rate for your stay.


Book your stay on https://www.parkinn-hotel-goettingen.de/en/ . If you find a lower published price within 24 hours, send your claim to  goettingen@proventhotels.com We will check your note and ensure that the price meets the conditions of our best price guarantee. If the check is successful, we will either change an existing reservation or create a new booking, if not already confirmed at the lower price and an additional discount equal to 10%. We promise no long and complicated forms, only the confidence that it is the best prices on https://www.parkinn-hotel-goettingen.de/en/.


1. The reservation must be made through https://www.parkinn-hotel-goettingen.de/en/

2. The price on any other public website must be for the same date and same room type, length of stay and number of guests, and lower than the price on https://www.parkinn-hotel-goettingen.de/en/.

3. Not applicable for: • Contracted prices or group rates • Opaque prices on an auction site, where the customer until the arrival of the confirmation does not know to which hotel it is. Examples of such sites are (among others) Priceline and Hotwire.com • Sites that offer services or reseller Web sites, where the room rate in the arrangement with other components such as air travel or rental car is offered • Prices for hotel packages that provide additional amenities such as meals, parking, etc. • Discount prices for certain target groups such as the elderly or public servants • Rates for longer stays of more than 30 days

4. The comparison price on another site must be made within 24 hours of booking or at the time of the reservation have been found. Every night, the assessment of the benchmark price is individually considered.

5. The price discount of 10% refers to the lower price, on the other site found and examined. The lower price must be booked.

6. The warranty does not include taxes, service charges, the host costs, costs for food and beverages, resort fees and any other incidental charges during your stay.